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I kind off want this topic under the "Talk with the Dofus team" but as this community clearly doesn't understand what its for I wont go more off topic there then many already has. As this isn't something that should be forwarded to Ankama it belongs here.

Talk with the Dofus team section is a place to ask Ankama questions directly. Have Nabolo reading -> Forwarding -> Answering questions.
I must say I find it pretty absurd to see what kind of things that gets posted there. Totally irrelevant subjects i.e "how can i willbe p2p if i dont have mony?" (maybe these subjects are relevant for you, but for the majority of the community), stuff that can wait until our new CM arrives.
89 damn topics of none relevance to the community. 89 damn topics that had to get either moved or deleted. 100's of posts that had to be deleted and people continuously breaking forum rules and Terms Of Service.
Now, 89 topics in one section might not sound that bad.
Well it is! Considering only 23 topics are staying at the subject and the freaking section is NEW!
Help out instead. What the f***? You know that our moderators are understaffed and that Nabolo doesn't have time to answer every single question posted there, why make them work even more? Isn't it better if they work on other things? Things that we can have use for?
I'm opening closed topics by mistake. It's a mess and it's hard to diverse the topics as they are right now. Just page around at that section and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's sickening.

I think it is in place that our moderators starts handing out warnings, because frankly - they are too nice. A new rule at the section -> Go off topic and get the topic deleted (not moved or closed). I want things to get better, but right now it seems like things only are getting worse. Guess what? This time I'm not blaming Ankama.