What is your worst hated dofus stereotype?


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Not so much a stereotype, but most people expect enis to heal them to full hp every fight which has the knock on effect on killing yet another profession - The Baker.

Another one people's attitude towards professions in general - no-one will risk dealing with a for example a Tailor if he isn't level 100. I am a level 89 tailor - I have 95% chance of success so failures are few and far betweens and even if people do come to me they expect a free ride.

Professions are there to help players make money, but seriously up to now its been an EPIC-FAIL thanks to <100 prejudice. The only way I level my tailor is buying matts and farming them which is frankily too much like hardwork because every single recipe involves at least one rare drop. This is not how it supposed to be - but this problem is widespread.

You can't get something for nothing people.