people stealing money in fights...

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I am not sure if they can really steal your money or not...anyway..

I was just farming and out of nowhere someone (a player, not a monster) just fight me. There was no option for "do you want to accept this fight or not". It just went right into the fight...I was like, ok than.

I believe he was a level 128 or 134 Cra (didn't pay much attention...I sure of get the name...there was two another guy with him and they join as Spec.). I am only level 71 Sac. He didn't really try to fight me from the start. All he does is push me off and try to used some kind of skill (I have not seen before) and often not, it fail. However, it did hit me 2 times and both time it took some money out of me...I think it is about 2000+ (I didn't really notice it until I look). The damage was really low. I beat him and they just run off.

So my questions is, did they really steal money from me? that is about 4k that they took than. I didn't check before the fight start so I am not sure how much total money I have.

Does anyone know...if it does, that is a really bad trick to steal money from players that work their butt off to get.

And how did I get into a fight without the challenge button popping up first? I am netural!